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Exploring Pelican: Automation Part 1

Pelican is a great python-based static blog generator. After a few months using it, I’ve decided to automate the content generation as much as possible. [Read More]


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Create a Scratchpad with Alfred

I created a quick Alfred workflow that takes the contents of my clipboard and opens a new file in Sublime Text (or Text Edit). [Read More]


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Quick Conversions with Launch Center Pro and Soulver

There are some great tools out there to convert things like currency, distances and measurements. Even Siri can do this fairly well, but the one thing I always find frustrating is that the process of doing this can be fairly slow and in a lot of cases requires a data … [Read More]


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Using Dropbox to Host Images on your Website

I notice a lot of people asking about why they can't get images to display on their website when using Dropbox shared links. Dropbox is a great way to post an image quickly on a forum or as free hosting for your low traffic website, but there are a few … [Read More]


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Instascriptogram. Post Instagram pics to Scriptogr.am

[Update 2014-11-19] I've since moved off of scriptogr.am. The service wasn't working for a long time and doesn't seem to be in active developement. I ended up moving that blog over to a static blog with Pelican similar to this one. Since moving to Dublin, my girlfriend and I … [Read More]

Updated on 2014-11-19

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Internationalizing Your Contacts

Living in the U.S. we rarely call people outside of the country. Whenever we create new contacts in our address book, they'll typically start with the state's area code and omit the country code. Since moving to Ireland, my contacts wouldn't show up correctly since I hadn't prepended all … [Read More]


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