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How I use my Mac Mini Server on Macminicolo

I frequently get asked why I use Macminicolo and if it's worth it. It's a relatively expensive hobby, but it gives me so much benefit that at this point I couldn't live without it. Having an always-on Mac opens up a lot of opportunity and I'm always finding new things … [Read More]


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Save First Page of PDF for Expenses with Hazel

Once a month I have to submit my Verizon bill as an expense. The process of getting the PDF of the bill and then modifying it turned out to be a big pain by first reminding my mom to send the bill1, saving the first page and then submitting … [Read More]


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Instagram for Slogger

In early 2013, I discovered Slogger and loved the idea of journalling about more than just what I had to say. What I was listening to at a given time is just as important as what I was thinking. However, there wasn't an ideal way to log Instagram posts without … [Read More]


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Show Time in Multiple Time Zones with TextExpander

I'm really bad at converting a time to other timezones. Now that the company I work for has offices in multiple countries, scheduling has become much more difficult. In an effort to eliminate the need for people to convert times themselves, I wrote a TextExpander snippet to take care of … [Read More]


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Quick Sharing with Launch Center Pro and Dropbox

I've been finding more and more reasons to use Launch Center Pro recently. With the fairly recent addition of Dropbox actions, I've been finding new ways to share links quickly. I take a lot of quick photos that I never plan to keep around. In most cases, it's just to … [Read More]


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Travel Notifications with Launch Center Pro and Pythonista

I've been doing a lot more traveling in the last year. Each time I take off or land, I found myself sending nearly the same text message to multiple people. After a while, it began to feel more like a chore than the kind gesture of letting others know I … [Read More]


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My Photo Workflow

After listening to the Mac Power Users episode on photo management and reading the slew of follow up blog posts on other photo management workflows, I thought I would share mine as well. While my workflow will be fairly similar to Federico Viticci's with a few exceptions, I thought I … [Read More]


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Organizing Special Photos with Hazel

Nearly all of my photos are sorted based on year, month and day. Hazel easily takes care of of this for me, but occasionally I will have projects where photos need to be excluded or organized in a different way. With Hazel, I can still account for these special cases … [Read More]


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Exploring Pelican: Automation Part 1

Pelican is a great python-based static blog generator. After a few months using it, I’ve decided to automate the content generation as much as possible. [Read More]


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Create a Scratchpad with Alfred

I created a quick Alfred workflow that takes the contents of my clipboard and opens a new file in Sublime Text (or Text Edit). [Read More]


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